Young man beheaded In Delta State

Young Man Beheaded In Delta State (Graphic Pics)

As shared by DSPG Happenings(usually share happenings in Delta state)…..


‘This was how an Aladja son yesterday was beheaded, it suddenly just happened yesterday 10/12/2016 by 4pm when some group of Men pass through Aladja to Ogbe-Ijoh with Government Vehicle (Hilux) and Army Hilux and within 30 minutes they passed through the bush and Attacked Aladja son named KINGLY KOGHUVWUN, he was Beheaded and his Head was taken away, meanwhile, some houses and Vehicles were also Burnt. Furthermore, the Isaba also try to attack that same hour but God intervened. Pls lets be mindful of how we show interest in community crisis especially this Month of December, NIGERIA students keep off such territories’

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