Why I tell my boy to beheaded paint MD

Why I Sent My Boys To Behead Todays Prints MD – Herbalistbydont8(m):6:00amTunde AjajaAsimiyu AgboolaHe used to be a famous herbalist, whom some people, both far and near, ran to for help at his shrine at No. 8, Oloti area in Iragbiji, Osun State, since he took over from his father in 2006.But at the moment, 37-year-old Asimiyu Agboola, known as Alhaji, is cooling off in thecustody of the police in Osun State for being the brains behind the killing of the Managing Director of Todays Prints, Olalekan Ogunranti, 45, who was kidnapped on May 16, 2016 in the state.Ogunranti’s family had alerted the police when they lost contact with him on May 16 when he travelled to Osogbo on a business trip. They said an unknown person picked hiscall and claimed to have picked the SIM card on the floor at Iragbiji. Thus, they informed the Osun State police command and the Lagos State Investigation Bureau.A police source told journalists that the Inspector-General of Police’s Intelligence Response Team moved in on the matter afterweeks of “fruitless search” for the deceased, which led to the arrest of Alhaji and four other suspects, including Adesina Muyideen, 27, Ramoni Afolabi, 37, Akeem Akorede, aka Jaruf, 32, and Coker Daniel, 28.In his exhaustive confession to reporters, Alhaji pointed out that Ogunranti was his client before his death but that he duped the deceased of about N3m, thus, he had to sendhis boys to kill him to prevent him from spilling out the beans.Alhaji, seen as an expert in the cure of diabetes and fibroid, said the deceased was brought to his office sometime in March by two of his customers, Ramoni and Akorede, for help, which he rendered.He began, “Five days after they mentioned him to me, they came with Ogunranti and after listening to him. I gave him a bill of N90,000 and gave him drugs and he left.“Normally, we assess customer’s financial status before giving them bill. So I asked himto pay that amount because the people that brought him said he was rich. I removed N20,000, which is the real cost of the drugs, and shared the balance of N70,000 into two.”Perhaps that was the beginning of their business relationship. Alhaji, who is married with children, recalled that 20 days after theirfirst meeting, Ogunranti called back and sounded excited, because the drug he gave him worked and that his situation had improved.“He requested to come and see me again and I said no problem,” Alhaji continued, “As soon as he came, he was so excited and promised to bring more customers. After the discussion, he said he wanted something that would make him rich. I told the people who brought him and they suggested that he must be a good victim to extort. So, I had to play along.“I told them that I could do it, and that there were two categories of money ritual. The firstwas to get money and put it in a bag after some important rituals, and the money wouldmultiply. The second would be to construct abig box and keep it in a room. After several days of prayer, he would be picking money from the box endlessly.Alhaji said Ogunranti chose the first option; the one that had to do with the bag, because he said he did not have a place to hide the box. Then, he gave him the needed instructions.“Two weeks later, he called that he had gathered N2.5m. I took the money and put ordinary paper and other stuffs in the bag and tied it up. I warned him not to open the bag until he was instructed to do so. I told him to return in four days with the bag. I told him that he was to bathe in a river which could be very close to where he was living. I gave him options and he chose Ijebu area. I also told him to come with N500,000 to buy more ingredients for the rituals.”Notably, Ogunranti complained to his herbalist that he wouldn’t be able to afford to give out more money because he didn’t have money again. Alhaji assured his client that his money was on the way as they would soon conclude the preparation.He continued, “I told him not to worry, and that he would soon be rich because what remained was not much. I told him to go back to Lagos that as soon as I got signal from the gods, he would open the bag. After 10 days, he called back, threatening to involve the government. He said he would arrest us. Then, I knew it was time to shut him up, so I called Akorede and Afolabi and we agreed to shut him up.”That was how Ogunranti’s journey to the bottom began. Alhaji told journalists that he invited the deceased to come with N150,000 and a goat for the final sacrifice and that he would be able to use the money the moment they finished the sacrifice.Unknown to the former MD, his herbalist had already initiated plans to eliminate him, as hehad alerted and paid two cultists, Daniel and Biggie, to do the job, having helped them in the past.

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