Why I left Papa Ajasco comedy series – Miss Pepeye, Bolatito Sowunmi
Actress and model, Bolatito Sowunmi popularly known referred to as Miss Pepeye has in a recent interview revealed why she boycotted the popular comedy series, Papa Ajasco comedy series she starred in years back.
revealed that her role was no longer challenging and as the features of her character included wearing lots of costumes, she was not being recognized as true herself.

Read excerpts below,

“I resigned from WAP because I felt that the role was no longer challenging. I had acted the role for a decade and the character, Pepeye, had to wear a lot of costumes and make-up that covered my features. A lot of people know and appreciate my work as Miss Pepeiye and I have a lot of fans but they don’t know how I look. So, I noticed that the character was limiting me and I wasn’t growing. As an actor, you have to evolve. I became so comfortable with being Miss Pepeiye that if you woke me up in the middle of the night, I would play the character without even looking at the script. I had to quit because the industry is highly competitive and people have to see how versatile you are. I didn’t have any quarrel with them; I resigned the proper way and asked for blessings from the chairman, which he gave me.”

And on Challenges she has faced, she said;

“There are really no challenges I cannot surmount because of the passion I have for the job. When you love what you do, you won’t even see the challenge. For me, it has always been about getting better and improving at what I do. Meeting veterans in the industry never intimidated me in any way because we are all unique in our various ways and nobody can act like you. They are just people I can celebrate and learn from.”
On the issue of promiscuity, with her character as Miss Pepeiye, she said,

“It is funny how people compare you with the character that you play on screen. Miss Pepeiye is troublesome and can do anything for money. Some people have the perception that the character they see you play on television and your real life personality are the same. However, I don’t even have a little trace of Miss Pepeiye’s character in me. She is an extrovert and I am a chronic introvert.”

And about other interests and her relationship status, she said,

“I am a model and an entrepreneur. I am also a skincare specialist and lifestyle consultant. I help people look younger than their age. It is private because it is my personal life. However, I like someone who is focused and intelligent. Also, I like a man who is mature because I am mature.

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