Uniabuja girl died while escaping from robbers

Uniabuja Female Student Died While Escaping From Robbers (photo):

Uniabuja Female Student Died While Escaping From Robbers (Photo)

News report from university of Abuja reaching 9jaflaver news team reveals that a 200 Level student from history and diplomatic department was found dead this night (19th-02-2017) in front of university of Abuja permanent site gate.

Cause of death:-

According to source reaching 9jaflaver news team, she was coming to school from home, and unfortunately she was attacked by armed robbers, due to panic, she ran away from the scene of the attack in the process of escaping from the robbers nest, but unfortunate for her, she got knocked down by a high speeding car when she was about crossing the busy high-way.

The man who declared himself as the cause of her accidental death (The Driver) brought her body to the girls hostel for identification.

May her soul rest in peace.

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