TSTV Decoder: 6 Reasons why many people will buy the decoder

TSTV Decoder: 6 Reasons Why Many People Would Obtain It by bongolistik:

It is no longer news that a new Pay TV provider TSTV is in town and loads of people can’t wait to start using TSTV in their homes.

But have you for once asked yourself on why so many people are eagerly waiting to obtain a TSTV decoder for themselves?

Well the fact is that, these are the 6 major reasons why many people can’t wait to buy TSTV decoder

1. WiFi Internet Access – the top in the list of reasons on why many Nigerians would acquire the TSTV decoder is because of the Value Added internet access that TSTV is promising. Many Nigerians are not happy with the type of internet services that they are currently getting from the major GSM operators in the country. They consider the internet services from those GSM operators as poor, inefficient and most of all expensive, hence they will be quick to key into TSTV alternative.

2. Cost Effective – Many Nigerians see the product and services that TSTV are promising as very cheap, especially when compared with the cost of other similar Pay TV service providers in the country. With N5000 for the complete set of TSTV decoder and N3000 maximum monthly subscription, many would liken it as just a price for a box of pizza for the decoder set and 3 pieces of shawarma for the monthly subscription.

3. Indigenous – Ever since the clarion calls for the production, usage and promotion of locally manufactured goods and services in the country have thickened, coupled with the slogan “buy Naija to grow Naija” it might surprise you that many have indicated serious interest of acquiring TSTV decoder when it start selling just because TSTV is an indigenous pay TV provider.

4. Live EPL and La Liga matches – One of the common unifying factors in the country today is sport, and when it comes to sport entertainment, there is almost nothing that attracts loads of viewership especially on the part of the male folks in the country like the beaming of live English Premiership League (EPL) and Spanish league (La Liga) games in the front of their TV set. Many people would buy TSTSV just because TSTV promises to show live games from those foreign football leagues.

5. DSTV Service Charge – it might also surprise you that lots of folks out there are just tired of DSTV and they consider DSTV as being monopolistic on pay TV services in the country and also see DSTV monthly subscription costs as complete rip-off. Little wonder that it is just a handful of DSTV subscribers that watch DSTV Premium channels. Therefore, for many, anything that would reduce DSTV strength and monopoly in the pay TV business would be a welcome idea, thus many people can’t wait to ditch their DSTV dish and replace it with a TSTV dish

6. New product with new concept – finally, the last but not really the least; as very common with Nigerians or simply say the Nigerian factor, there is nothing that is attractive to Nigerians as a new product in the market. Whenever new products are introduced into the Nigerian market, regardless of how the product and services would likely later turn out to become, there is always this initial rush, in similar manner that their ears would always stand at the sound of every launch event that introduce new smartphone into the market. Coupled with TSTV hybrid concept of watching TV at the same time surfing the internet, the idea is no doubt very attractive to many and thus getting a TSTV decoder set is a must for them.

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