The youngest LGA Chairmanship Aspirant in Abia State


Today I feel so proud to present to us the youngest PDP Chairmanship flag-bearer for Dec. 17th 2016 LGA polls in Abia State.

Hon Amaechi Hanson. aka. (Abacha) is below 35years

*He was elected Councilor in his ward in Obingwa LGA in 2007 at age of 27.

*He became P.A to Gov. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu when he was General Manager at ASPIMSS in 2010.

*He was P.A to Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu when he was DGM in ASEPA 2011.

*He join the Nigerian Immigration Service in 2012, but withdrew from the Service and re-joined politics in 2014 to work for Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, during the gubernatorial race.

*During 2015 general elections, he became Obingwa LGA coordinator for our Okezuoabia Youthwing.

*He was also President of Youths4Youths forum during the 2015 election.

*He was appointed S.A to Governor okezie ikpeazu on Petroleum in 2015.

*He picked the PDP Chairmanship Nomination form for Obingwa LGA in October 2016.


*He is the only male child of his family.

*He is a married man, with 2 kids, a boy and a girl.

*He is a graduate of Abia State Polytechnic, Aba.

Today, at below 35years, Hon. Amaechi Hanson aka (Abacha ) is 99.9% close to the seat of the Executive Chairman of Obingwa LGA as he won the PDP primaries, thereby clinching the party ticket to contest the obingwa LGA chairmanship election in the upcoming Dec. 17th 2016 polls.


My name is Hanson Sunday Amaechi, vying for the post of the executive chairman of Obingwa Local Government Area of Abia State under the umbrella of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
Having won the primaries and emerged the flag bearer of our great party in this December 17th 2016 scheduled election, we wish to let you know that our candidacy have been scrutinized, waiting to be cleared after a thorough screening exercise by the Abia State Independent Electoral Commission (ABSIEC).

While we solicit your support to ensure we emerge victorious in this election, we are not promising to build castles in the air but must embark on realizable projects as supported by the law. Some of the projects we must not fail to embark on include inter-allia;

a. Rural and Urban Development:
With respect to the economic importance of Obingwa L.G.A., it is imperative that the infrastructure of the local government are put in proper fitting. While we focus on building, developing and rehabilitating certain infrastructures such as markets which will definitely rub off in shoring up our internally generated revenue (IGR) to avoid over bearing on the State coffers to run the LGA, we will equally do all within our purview to provide infrastructure to the hinterland to discourage rural-urban drift and thereby leaving the agricultural arable lands to waste. More so, we will build good road networks to connect the village and towns to enable for the transporting of farm outputs to the markets and towns.

b. Accessibility:
We will run an open door government where the citizens will have their way and say. We believe that nobody is a repository of knowledge, hence, the need for community interactive sessions. Our government will take more of the discuss and work on the positives for the overall good of our people.

c. Human and Capital Development:

The development of any society largely depends on the development of its citizenry. Therefore, if our society must grow beyond what we have today, there is every need for us to empower our people in that regard. We are yearning for more entrepreneurs in our society, more graduates, more persons placed on the employment lists across the nation. Our vision is that we will be able to establish more small and medium scale enterprises to enable for self dependence and sustenance. Our institutions are in dare need of development thus, our plans to delve into strengthening them.

d. Humility in Service:

Humility they say is not a sign of weakness, rather strength in disguise. It enables one to learn on the feet of those who know better about the path one is trading on. We are not unaware that Obingwa and of course Abia State in general are blessed with great men and women of repute and we have resolved to observe all sense of respect to our elders and leaders.

We promise that those values which are bequeathed on us as a person we shall continue to up hold. We pledge our allegiance to serve you aright.

God bless us.

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