The true profile of JUMIA delivery killers

Sodienye Mbatumukeke; The Accused Murderer,Jumia delivery man, failed parenting, societ Lately, we were all surprised and shocked when we saw the body of a man brought out from a septic thank somewhere in Port Harcourt, Rivers State! One of the accused , Sodienye Mbatumukeke, the Accused Murderer Of Mr. Chukwuma Eleje, the Jumia delivery man. He ordered for iPhone and based on Jumia delivery company policy which is pay on delivery. The delivery man with the items that was ordered and apart from the delivery, he delivered is life ? Having gotten myself out of shock. We did a background research on the said young man , his taste for good life ,failed parenting and role of religion ,but what we haven’t taken time to research is his lifestyle, failure of parents, role of the society in shaping his character and finally how church contributed to his character that culminated to the gruesome murder of the delivery man.

Here are a few details about about Sodienye Mbatumukeke the person who ordered for iPhone from Jumia and later brutally
murdered the Jumia Delivery Man, Mr. Chukwuma Eleje. His female accomplice is an online slay queen and would be showcased in the second part of the report.
A brief dossier of the accused :

1. His Name is Sodienye Mbatumukeke but his facebook username is Brain Jelly.(
2. He Is a Member of Deeper Life Bible Church.
3. He is a Video Director/Editor.
4. He lives in Lagos, but he is from Port Harcourt.
5. He was born in 12 July 1991.
6. His girlfriend’s name is Joy Eluwa. (
7. His father is a barrister.
8. His FB intro states: “i am Jelly. D most amazing guy I have ever met… DECIPHER IS A devil…”

A brief dossier of the victim :

His victim, Mr Chukwuma Eleje is married with 4 kids. He hails from Ozizza, Afikpo, Ebonyi state. I spoke with his wife 2 days ago, she lamented that the family of the killer has yet to reach out to them and that from the way things are looking his barrister father might just get the murderer released.

Another prominent thing about the accused is the fact that he is a child of an educated man and legal personality. What we can’t ascertain at this point in time is if he dropped out from school. Nobody will be in school and have all the time in the world to do the extricate tattoos he drew and spend most time in saloon and beautifying himself. Probably, he must be staying with his parents and we are wondering what role the parents played .

Another people to blame is the media, from his Facebook page, you can deduce that he is always talking riches. The society we are in has made wealth ( material acquisition not Character) to determine who will be celebrated. As an impressionable young man, the best way for the accused is the short cut. Having an iPhone is a status symbol and you will see today many young boys and girls clutching such a gadget without visible means of income .

The society does ask such questions these days. Hard work isn’t encouraged but flamboyant lifestyle . Ask most young man , all want to be in entertainment ! We rarely hear “I want to be a journalist, doctor etc” from the young ones but what you will be hearing is that ” I want to be an entertainer,video director etc” the young ones of today have sent that you can drop out of school and be a millionaire and also be respected. They have seen that you can drop out of school and still be voted in or you can also by pass basic criteria like WAEC and still be voted in. So ,who cares about burning the proverbial midnight candle ? Who cares about solving permutations and probability ? Who cares about cramming the chemical formulae? Who cares if they misbehave ? Who cares about how they are seen in public even if they drew the biggest tattoo that will make the African Americans living in Brooklyn projects grow green with envy or the Japanese mafia seems like a learner ? Who really gives a damn! Once the media present the cool picture of the young man that has blown without asking how he blew ? The society is to be blamed !

Another pointer to this young man accused is his attitude to life without working for it. He was showing and sharing one of his prayers where a popular man of God said a prayer that isn’t feasible but bothers on materialism and forgetting the concept of faith without good work is useless. Today’s churches , especially of the Pentecostal denominations that might be divuating from mainstream Christianity to full time brainwashing and materialism. This is evident from the young man’s shared prayers. Though the said Man of God might have made an innocent prayer to encourage his members to have faith. But , the members might have a “get rich or die trying ” mentality which the church might or not be liable to. A simple prayer is a prayer from the heart and that is the heart of prayer. But, what message is it conveying. We get a lot of this type of messages everyday. But, what about faith with good works ? Do we blame the church, sender of the message or the receiver of the message ? Materialistic leaning must be discontinued and discouraged in our churches today and emphasis must be on salvation!

Though, Sodienye Mbatumukeke has been accused, with the position of his family , we don’t know if he get out of this the way many of rich children will always go Scot free. Unlike USA where he concept of “if you do the crime you do the time ” is in full swing. The society must all be blamed for this inglorious and inhuman act. From the parents to the church and media. All must be brain and all must go back and mould the leaders of tomorrow. In him we all failed , the society failed

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