He was killed just like that, he was murdered in cold blood, he was killed because of hatred, he was killed because of his loved towards people, he was killed because he was talented, he was killed just because he’s respectful, he was murdered because he’s generous. He was murdered in front of his father’s house on the 7th of November,2017 is a DARK DAY that i will never forget in my entire world. REST IN PEACE MY BROTHER AFE!!

Call those that has hands in your death
Call those that are pretending to be crying for you
Don’t pity anybody because they didn’t pity your children and wife that you left behind.

Nobody to call again, nobody to send message again, nobody to asked questions again The only person we left in the village has been killed why??? this question is still begging for answers. AGAIN REST IN PEACE AFE!! believe me anybody that has hands in your death must go down.

The Spirit of Death must visit anybody that has hands in your death soonest.

Atte Community Why???


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