Reasons why Babies Cry After Birth

What It Means When Babies Cry Immediately They Are Born.

Have you ever wondered why babies cry when they are born? All normal babies are meant to start crying a few seconds after birth, according to science. If they don’t cry, then there is obviously a problem somewhere.

Most people believe that babies have no obvious reason for crying at birth, but they do. In this gossip, you’re going to find out the reasons why babies cry after birth.

1. Reason why babies cry after birth.

The number one reason is because when baby is born, he or she becomes exposed to a certain kind of cold air. And then, a new environment which they never knew exists aside from where they lived inside their mother. A pregnant woman’s womb is usually warm and that is why new born babies need to be wrapped in thick fabric almost immediately after birth. So the new exposure to cold air is usually one of the reasons why they cry after birth.

2. Reason why babies cry after birth.

Most people believe that only a woman experiences excruciating pain during the process of delivery. But they are absolutely wrong. Babies are also put in a lot of pain, pressure and discomfort. According to research by experts, the whole process of delivery and labour is very painful for the child to bear as well. And they often start crying even while still inside the womb, awaiting delivery.

The first cry signifies healthy lungs and immune system. Babies who fails to cry during birth or after delivery are definitely not normal. It is a sign that something could be wrong with their lungs and body system. Most doctors and mother always get scared when a baby fails to cry after being born. And the baby is usually beaten(spanked) or turned upside down to enable them to cry.

Thanks for reading. I hope you learnt something today. I know most of our young ladies and young men don’t even know. You can add yours if you know more reasosns.

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