Police nabs pickpocket in Lagos

Police Nabs Pickpocket In Lagos:

This thief would be best placed to remember the old adage ‘Every day is for the thief, one day is for the owner”

Seun Egbegbe aside, things are not fallen into lines for these daredevil armed robbers these days

Pictured above is another pickpocket thief who met his doom at the central of Ikorodu in the early hours of today
Naijanewsrave correspondent was right on time to take the account of the victim

Read Below;

I just got down from the Lagbus, suddenly this guy came out of nowhere to shake my hand as though we have met before, I was still trying to figure where/if we met before, He then takes a quick look around him before patting my pocket before I could realize he was gone with my phone.

However the second victim who was in luck said he suddenly realises what is going on and spins around, grabbing hold of the man’s wrist, before the first victim came around to tell how he and his gang jumped him

He has since been handed over to the police while his other gang members are still at large

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