Pictures Don’t lie look at our President

Pictures Don’t Lie unless otherwise:

I have taken my time to study this picture intently and I have come to some series of conclusion about it. And this are the truths which are not in doubt.

This man is tired, perhaps ‘sick and tired’ but being projected by those who benefit from his inabilities. No country that is hugely challenged like Nigeria can ever make a leap whatsoever with a leader as weak as this.

If you look at the way the two visitors are around at him, you will realize he was actually both made a demigod by people who personify him as such and by himself who is self-righteous. They are attending to him like a god-like being. He Alone…!

Look intently at the background of the picture, there are no books in the shelf. That goes to show how much disaffection he has for intellectualism. For several years after Buhari left office, there is no record of him improving himself academically. Compare him to Obasanjo, this man have since gone to obtain a PhD. And when you read My Watch and others of his books and academic submissions, you will be surprised how much he knows about so much. Whether you like it or not, we live in the 21st century where we sit on the laps of immense knowledge. How can Buhari know about things he does not read about? He would have known how impossible to start a national carrier, Nigeria Air, before December, something that had become a scam, and the Nigerian treasury was at loose for it (over #1 billion), in a period we have been on borrowing spree like drug addicts.

If you can recall one of my articles, this picture spells the concept of Gerontocrazy: the government of the elderly. It is not necessarily a bad idea to have an elderly person as a president, but questions of his articulation, capacity, disposition, ability, health…and all that qualifies one to be competent must be considered.

Again, from this picture, you will find out this man is a recluse, detached from reality, lonely, impersonal, insensitive, withdrawn…these are no qualities of a leader especially in a country like Nigeria where the position of the president can be very challenging and prone.

Look, what we need at this moment is not Buhari going forward, except we claim that we are progressing in error and are comfortable with the status quo as a people without ambitions.

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