Nigeria man caught with drugs In Thailand

Nigerian Man Caught With Drugs In Thailand:

10 Million Baht (Street Value) worth of Ice was discovered at the home of a Nigerian former school teacher, John Brazil Ifeanyi on Tuesday, February 7th, in Srinakarin, Thailand.

When his home at the Parkland building was raided late yesterday, Mr Ifeanyi had hid his stash of Ice in model boats and Aeroplanes.

He claims that when he stopped working in a Chonburi Language school 5 months ago,a man called “Mike” offered him 100,000 baht to sell drugs. Police understand that Ifeanyi is part of a bigger gang of Nigerians operating in the drug trade in the Sri Nakharin area.

Ifeanyi said that he was paid 100,000 baht for each delivery he made and he had already done this five of six times before he was caught. He was charged with possession of a Class 1 drug with intent to sell and detained for prosecution.

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