Mathematics First Class Graduate From UNN is Wallowing In Abject Poverty As He Relies On Petty Farming For Survival

Emmanuel Nworie, a mathematics first class graduate from UNN is wallowing in abject poverty as he relies on petty farming for survival.


Things have never been easy for him as he had to sponsor himself throughout his polytechnic and university education.


Just as some ‘respite’ came through his post-NYSC teaching job, the coronavirus pandemic dealt him another blow as his school shutdown.


The story of Emmanuel Nworie breaks hearts as he had to turn to petty farming as a way to eke out a living despite graduating with a first class in mathematics.


The Cable reports that it would have been better if he was into mechanized farming. He graduated with a CGPA of 4.92/5.00 from the University of Nigerian, Nsukka (UNN).


It should be noted that the 27-year-old brilliant graduate lost his dad to diabetes and hypertension when he was still in secondary school, a situation that made life very difficult for him.


As a way to survive, he became a mathematics teacher for a while at the secondary school he finished from.


Despite getting the award of the Best Mathematics Olympiad teacher in Ebonyi state, his salary was just $33.33 (N12,705.40) per month.


With money from his teaching job, he was able to save some of his N185,000 annual salaries and get further education at a polytechnic.


With another job after his education, he was able to fund his university studies. At UNN, he won a gold medal in a mathematics contest in 2018.


After his one year National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), his primary place of assignment retained him as a teacher with a N35,000 salary.


However, due to the shutdown of schools because of the coronavirus pandemic, he was forced to go back to Ebonyi and make a living from planting cassava.

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