Letter to Mr. President Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari administration of the federal government of Nigeria is clearly not in tune with the speed of governance in a jet age, however, issues bothering on the economy or welfare of the people of Nigeria deserves more timely consciousness and proactive responses.
Just about one year of the slump in oil prices, nationals of oil-dependent nations are now grappling with hunger and Venezuelans despite being among top most oil exporting nation with a population of about 33 million people, are now on the exodus to agrarian Colombia in search of food.
Nigeria with an informal population of about 200 million people is already experiencing deaths in hundreds in the IDP Camps from malnutrition and the European Union (EU) statistics suggests that well over 11 million children in Nigeria are suffering from stunting growth as a result of malnutrition.
About 5 percent of the Nigerian workforce are employed by Nigerian governments, about 80 percent are engaged in the private sector whose reliance are connected to importation or oil export.
President Buhari said that 27 out of the 36 states cannot pay salaries, the private businesses that are connected with importation are impeded with devaluation of Naira and oil connected industries are neither smiling with the slump in oil prices and lately with hostilities from the Niger Delta crisis. All these points to one direction that Nigeria is in for hard times. Therefore, provision of basic needs of life, like food, must be a priority to any sensible government than capital projects.
Mr President, there is hunger in the land and great famine looms but here are my solutions before it becomes too late.
UDEOGARANYA SOLUTIONS: – National Food Production Scheme (NFPS)
1. Summon and go into partnership with the local government councils in these states of North Central States, South-Eastern States, South-South States and South West-States with the exception of most councils in Lagos State or other states councils that do not have substantial lands for food crop farming.
2. Design simple and optimum yield farming tools and contract local Chinese companies to produce them at a negotiable overstock rates with production period not exceeding about 45 days of placing orders.
3. Supply your farming tools and expertise technics to the LGAs accordingly with their line of farming.
4. Create a national sensitization program with incentives to the participants in the National Food Production Scheme (NFPS) in any local council of their choice in the federation, provided that the receiving local council consented to it.
5. National sensitization program on population is now more than ever important as food meant for two persons cannot be enough for ten hungry mouths,
6. Allow the councils to compete with the provision of basic support or incentives to all the councils.
7. Create a National Food Production Scheme Authority (NFPSA) to oversee the entire affairs and more.

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