I don’t talk to Monkey -Fayose

I don’t Talk To Monkeys” – Fayose To Sheriff:

#FayoseSpeaks 18/2/17 to Ekiti people via Ekiti Radio 91.5FM and EKTV Channel 41

The Budget Support Facility was withheld purporsely but I thank the minister of finance for her efforts.

What is important now is that the money has been released. I won’t want to go into details.

On Thursday, a letter was sent to the CBN that the money be released and it has not been released because the CBN Gov is not in town.

What happened behind the scene is no longer important, it is the resolution of the issue that is important. I thank the minister of finance and the CBN Gov.

I’m not the only gov in this country and I’m entitled to my personal opinions on national issues. What I have said in the media I have also said at the Economic Council meeting.

By next week, workers will be paid.

US President Donald Trump said America first and I love him for that. I’m also saying Ekiti first, Ekiti first and Ekiti first.

I heard that some people want to invade the PDP secretariat here in Ekiti on Monday and I advise them to try it.

Some politicians from this State who know that they cannot win in this State in 2018 wanted to set the workers against me but they have failed once again.

On that comment by Sheriff that he will kick me and Gov Wike out of PDP, I don’t talk to monkeys. That Appeal Court judgement is just a phase, it will fizzle out. All things will work together for good for me, that’s what the Bible says.

All the Governors, National Assembly members, BOT, etc are on this side. So who is he going to be leading?

Whether he is being backed by whatever forces, be it external or internal, good luck to him.

Let everybody in PDP calm down, there is salvation ahead of us.

I’m aware that some people are apprehensive of 2018 but I want to say it here that they should worry not. What I know that will happen tomorrow is that I will get to greater heights.

There are three major important factors in elections, the people is number one, followed by the party and the candidate. You can have a party and candidate, if you don’t have the people, you will fail because the power of the people is greater than the power of those of us in power.

Here in Ekiti, we have the people.

I am saying it here that we are under the leadership of the Ahmed Makarfi led Caretaker Committee.

When we got the judgement at the lower court, affirming the Caretaker Committee, Sheriff was still parading himself as the chairman. This time around too, we have appealed the Appeal Court judgement and as such, Makarfi remains our chairman until the Supreme court decides

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