Free Medical Services in Atte Community Organized by MSSN Atte

In the name of Allah most Gracious ever Merciful.

This is to bring to your notice,eminent sons and daughters of Atte Community that a free medical program,under the auspices of Muslims Students Society of Nigeria,Atte Branch is ongoing.

The medical team is led by Dr Shareef Yakubu ( MBBS, Zaria).

All ailments,save surgeries are being treated.In shaa Allah,going forward,surgeries will be included.

You may have an Uncle or Aunt,who for whatever reason has not been able to consult a qualified medical personnel,please reach out to them and tell them to show up at the venue….every living soul shall be attended to.

Sicknesses, as well health do not recognize religion.It’s an initiative conceived,sponsored and being delivered MSSN Atte for Atte,no discrimination against anybody.

For enquiries, contact Mr Tahir Idris, Secretary, LOC on 08030792100 or Dr Shareef on 09029865716.


This program does not seek to achieve anything,either political or otherwise, except the pleasure of Allah (most Gracious,ever Merciful)…and you will notice that we’ve not included a “songs of praise” of our donors( they are young Muslims who hope for reward from their Lord).


Mallam Ali Abdusalam Ozimede

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