Davido Goes to NYSC Camp.

I can no longer be mute on this.  I can only say that the musician that came to serve in the NYSC Camp has revealed and keeps revealing the dysfunctionality of a system called Nigeria.

The poor (rich)  boy came to fulfil his obligation which i so much loved and applauded him for that despite his fame and colossal money in his account both home and abroad and with his most beautiful “ASSURANCE” wife like my sweet heart too. so as not to be termed a “buyer” of certificates and then the system stopped working and started following him around.  Even those who were posted out of that camp wanted in, so they can have a little of the booties.  The senior officials wanted to be the ones that will direct his steps and show him a seat.

The laws he came to observe to make him a mature  person that has served his nation were waived for him.  Could he be said (after all these charades)  to have served or did the NYSC serve him?

Poor boy?(RICH)He will miss what we all got while we served.  The aspect of being made a victim by those belligerent Sergent majors and then you use your wits and wisdom to extricate yourself making you a double survivor in the jungle we find ourselves.

And see the glee on the faces of those taking him around.  You have no other job to do?  The poor boy(RICH) must be enjoying himself and laughing at a system that mandated him to come and serve rather serving him.


Can the DG NYSC call these people to order.?


This was how like joke,  handlers of Michael Jackson “shortcutted” him from childhood to adulthood and he missed being a young teenage boy.  No wonder he ended up fixated as a toddler-adult until he died.

Let’s wake up in Nigeria.

Systems shouldn’t defer to people because of their position.  People should defer to systems.

Let’s stop the laughter on the poor(RICH)musician.  He needs help.  Help to make him serve his country and have a good output.

NYSC wake up please. Stop this silly charade!


Congratulations to Davido a.k.a OBO as you are about to serve your country despite the 30 Billion in your account, you never said you are OBO that you will not serve your country, once again, i really cherished you for that.


Finally, AtteRoad2019 is a Must, government must listen to our plights………..

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