BREAKING NEWS: Nnamdi Kanu Appeared in Jerusalem

He’s not dead, he’s alive ,he’s not kidnapped as speculated but he failed his followers by running away for what he has started that has killed many souls. Nnamdi Kanu was pictured in Jerusalem looking more fresh in October.So Nnamdi Kanu pushed an ideology that caused many deaths then collected money from some major Igbo men and disappeared

People thought he was kidnapped and killed during the PYTHON DANCE only for him to show up in Jerusalem. Don’t start what you can’t finished. We cherish his courage thou but it’s quite unfortunately that he abandoned his people to Jerusalem. We guess he will come back again for there’s an adage that says’He who runaway for fight will surely be back to fight another”let is assumed that’s exactly what he will do. Rest in Peace to those that died during his struggle for FREEDOM!

Osas Omo from Edo State reporting for News Source360 Magazine.

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