Baby boys burnt to death in Anambra

Baby Boys Burnt To Death In Anambra While Their Mum Was At A Beer Parlour by AdoraAmadi: 11:29am
I just received these graphic photos from a Lailan who witnessed the shocking incident last night.

2 baby boys aged 6months old and less than three years old were burnt to death while their mother was chilling out at a beer parlour in Uga, Anambra state last night.

This woman had locked her kids in the home with a lantern and gone off to enjoy her night but while she was away, the lantern caused a fire outbreak. Very disturbing pics of the burnt babies and their now weeping mother below.

My reader had visited her village ysterday, when late in the night, she heard a chilling voice of someone screaming. She called her neighbour and asked if she too heard the cry but neighbour said she didn’t. Only for later in the night, her neighbour called her panicking saying they need to hurry to another woman’s house. That there has been a fire incident and kids were suspected trapped in the house.

They rushed off to the scene and this was the gory sight they met. The 6 month old baby was burnt black and beyond recognition while his elder brother was equally dead.

It turned out that the someone screaming late that night was these kids’ eldest 3 year old brother. He had managed to escape from the burning house and was now screaming and crying for their mummy as he ran in the darkness looking for help for his younger ones.

While he was running out, his younger brother pictured above not burnt was trying to run but was coughing (due to smoke). He sustained injuries and was finally choked to death by smoke but the baby burnt beyond recognition.

My reader says:

Laila, this woman had 6 children, only that one (the boy that escaped the fire) is alive now and all died from one carelessness to the other. She’s from Umuchu but married to Uga in Anambra state .

They said sometimes she will leave them there to cry and cry and cry in a locked room and will be messing around the Village .
This a lesson to all young mothers , every child has the right to live and be cared for ! They didn’t beg anyone to bring them into this life . This is a lifetime haunting experience , the psychological trauma and pain will remain endless.

I don’t really have much to say but she has been warned severally to stop staying at that beer palour but she will end up quarrelling with her advisers . Many village women that visited there confirmed it and narrated how they advised her in the past.

About 3 people said they saw her dancing around 10pm at the joint and unfortunately that was when her kids were roasting to death.

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