Auchi Polytechnic Polytechnic Student Shot Dead

Breaking News: A Female Graduate of Auchipolytechnic was shot dead mistakenly by a vigilante while she was celebrating her graduation ,Identified as Uloko Lawrenta Apaume, the young

girl was shot dead by the vigilante on Friday,
November, 3, 2017, a day after her signing which was yesterday night.

Getting to the scene This Morning Students Came out to Protest against the killing of their student has they block the express road leaving Travellers and Vehicles in a traffic, When the Nigerian Police Command came to the scene angry students started throwing stones to drive them away as the police fired teargas at students.
Students later destroyed some vehicles,in the proccess a trailer carrying cows got broke down and a cow excaped and students seized the oppurtunity to have access to the freebie as the cow was killed and shared by students.

When the Deputy Rector of auchipolytechnic came to address the students ,the angry mob gave him a slap and were about to beat him before the police reacted.

Tear-gars were shot severally and students ran and kept on throwing stones till when a SUG exco addressed the students to stop throwing stones but to lock up all the school gates and match to the vigilante office then from there to the King of Auchi, But before the mission was carried out the police had blocked the campus 1 gate driving students back.

The Students then prosponed the peaceful protest till further notice!!

We also got report of two students fighting over cow meat, as the cow which was captured from a truck was butchered and shared.

As it stands ,all school activities has been closed and Students are being restricted from passing the school gate at the time of this report..

In other reports we learnt that a HND aspirant unindetified was kidnapped yesterday by a group of men in a club around sabo, reports says that the guys who moved him away came with a benz car and they were 6 in numbers, more reports will brought later.

Yesterday was the SUG Primary Election as it started around while the Secondary Election has been prosponed to the 10th of November 2017.

Second batch of auchipoly admission list will be pasted as from nextweek as we urge candidates to be patient ,as there are alot of issues on are on ground!!

We urge students to keep praying for auchipoly.

Happy birthday to Marvelous of Polyma, Victor from Statistics and Mercy from the department of Otm hnd1.
We pray that God will continue to add more years to your ages.

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