Atte Elites are the Problem of the Community-CEO

Again, I don’t mean to diminish the importance of speech making. Obviously, Barack Obama wouldn’t be in president if he couldn’t make a good speech. (Neither for that matter would Ronald Reagan or John F. Kennedy have been president.) But if we are to lead our communities to good places, we have to do more than talk. We have to listen, think, find and facilitate as well.Our leaders in our community called (Atte) are the problem that we all are facing today.Don’t counter my write-ups because everybody has his or her own opinion to view things in different ways,mine might be far different from yours our opinions can’t never be the same unless we congregate to the nearest proximity. Some of the elites in Atte community are the real problem that we are facing today. I know vividly that some persons reading dis message will ask question WHY and HOW? but I have 101 answers to WHY and HOW.Are you aware that Dangote Cements Company is coming to Okpella? are you aware that very soon school of Mineral Resources Technology is coming to Ikpeshi? are you aware that Edo State University is now booming at Iyamo? are you aware that Iyuku has over 6 companies despite their kingship dispute? according to my findings we have 774 local government areas in Nigeria and 98% of all dis locals government are passing through the same chieftaincy problems but still their communities are still moving well in the area of development. Do you think Auchi Kingdom aren’t passing through the same kingship tussle? They do if you don’t know but everything are still going well with the community. Why is Atte community’s own different? That question is begging for an answer that many people must answer.But as I said in my six paragraph that some of the elites in Atte community are the plight to our community. Did you read my article on Punch Newspaper last week?If no,I personally wrote a comprehensive letter to the Comrade Governor Adams Oshiomohle concerning how he failed Atte community and my write-ups was titled: PROMISED AND FAILED IS A SIN.To get a copy of the write-up you must visit my web:
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