Armed Robbers Set House Ablaze In Benin City. Cart Away Goods

Men of the underworld set a house ablaze after making away with goods and other valuables during a robbery operation in Benin City, Edo State. According to an eyewitness, the robbers who came back to complete their mission after initially leaving the premises – set the house on fire out of sheer wickedness.

Read the eyewitness’ account;

“This is what arm robbers did to a friends house early hours of this morning at our Edo popular musician hostel “VICTOR UWAIFO” off college road Benin city..

The incident occurred at about 9pm when the robbers was breaking my friends neighbours door. So my friend made a call to alert some guys in the area to come to their aid so the robbers heard them making calls and they left…. So my friends and other neighbours was to scared to spend the night there so they left

At about 12am they received a call that the robbers came back and took their few expensive belongings and set the house ablaze…

Now they are stranded with just the clothes they wore since yesterday…… ACT OF WICKEDNESS !!!!”

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