An anonymous Writes About #SundayIgboho

An anonymous Writes About #SundayIgboho

I refrained from commenting on chief Sunday Adeyemo aka Sunday Igboho for so many reasons.

Majorly because the information flying around on social media are skewed, incomplete, incorrect and most written out of the zeal to gather sympathy.

One thing I know for sure, and I may be wrong, but hope I am right, all the ‘he is chained to the floor,’ ‘he cried like a baby’, ‘Buratai is working to extradite him to Nigeria’, ‘he will be charged to court’, ‘the court session didn’t hold’, etc may be a decoy to move him out of Africa under the radar.

Those who gave away his details for soldiers to kill and destroy his house the last time are from within his circle.

Those who gave away his location in the Benin Republic may be from that same circle.

To them, they are friends of Nigeria not their flesh and blood, Yorubas.

They don’t see what he is doing as helping them but causing them pain. While they snitch, they collect shekels for betraying their own.

And those asking why he’d run despite claiming to be heavily fortified (the African way) are stupid and dumb.

You will soon understand why soon. Shebi everything to you is a joke?

No matter what this government does, it must go one day. And all of their sins will be visited upon those that played a part in it.

Hitler came and left. Idi Amin came and left. Abacha came and left. All tyrants come and go. No matter how demonic the tyrant is, he will come and leave and we will be here by His grace.

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