Akoko-Edo Ward 08 Politics


Politics they say is a the madness of many for the benefit of few.
There is no doubt is true to a very large extend but becomes foolish when the benefactors didn’t even sow, neither did they water but wants to reap.
As the drums of Local govt elections are beating louder, Akoko Edo APC must put its house in order to avoid the unexpected concerning aspirants for Chairmanship and Councillorship positions.
Ward 8 for example where I have keen interest for and have follow up political issues as they unfolds because of my love for one of the leaders Mr. Olu Dania because of his leadership charisma.
Information revealed that from their last ward meeting an agenda fro Chairmanship and Councillorship were discussed.
Their Leader advised that councillorship in ward 8 has been rotational as such should remain.
It was learned that Hon. Martins Omokhudu from Ikpeshi had the position, there after Hon. Afeh Macaulay from Enwan and Hon. Sunday Aliu from Atte who is the immediate past councillor.
For Chairmanship aspirants it was also agreed that it should be open to all aspirants in the ward but that the various clan should present a candidate where there are more than one aspirants from which one will be selected after screening. Who the ward will rally round for support.
A committee was setup to look at how the zoning formulae for councillorship has been in the ward to further announce it at the ward level but subject to ratification at the ward meeting.
But unfortunately the committee is said to have compromised by accepting bribe from a fifth calumny who offered huge sum of money to the committee members to distort the zoning arrangement because of his own selfish ambition.
ADVICE: The leaders of ward 8 should watch out for this fifth calumny who in the previous elections gotten money from PDP stalwart to work against APC. He is still an agent of PDP. Ward 8 should put its house in order not to polarize it. The earlier the better. We will always exposed any leaders in respective of his or her political positions who indulge in any Almighty formula of bribery to favoured unqualified aspirants.The era of blindfolded has gone our eyes has opened to see the light even the dark minds/heart of some of our so-called leaders and some persons in the party.

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